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About me

I am a Maryland immigrant from Michigan and a Mexican wanna-be. I taught Spanish for 13 years but have found myself planted in the world of college preparation for the last 4 years. I am lucky to call my profession my passion and that has made my life rich with meaning and purpose.


I wish my lifestyle was of the rich and famous but most of the time it is of the running and weary. I am a mother of a magical 8 year old, an energetic educator, and a fierce friend. I work hard to make sure my students are getting the most out of their


My students laugh at my iPod. They had no idea I listen to such a vast aray of music. But give me a great instrumental sound track or some Dixie Chicks to move me.

Movies and TV:

TV? I wish I had time. Movies - well my all time favorite is The Sound of Music. The last movie I watched from Redbox was!


Go O's! Go Ravens!


Frida Kahlo is my hero. It is one of my bucket list items to get back to Mexico and visit her house. Diego Rivera was a womanizer and caused her great suffrage but to see one of his murals in person is still one of my most meaningful art experiences. On


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